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Bereavement Jewelry

Every now and then I will get a request from a mother who has unfortunately gone through a still birth. These are obviously very upsetting times and all they have are the footprints that the hospital took for them as a memory of their child.

Handprint Cufflinks  Handprint Bracelet

They're often distraught and want to know if I can use those prints as that's all they have. I'm happy to be able to offer some comfort and say yes, I can!

Here are a couple of stories from my customers.

One customer approached me and all she had was a clay imprint with her child's hand, she was so tiny that her hand was smaller than a nickel. My customer wanted to know if I could use a photo of it to create a necklace, plus, she wanted it to be the same size as her daughter's actual handprint. She wanted to wear the necklace so the baby's handprint was next to her chest, so I suggested that instead of just a blank disc that faced forward, we add a heart off to the side, she agreed.

Memorial Necklace

Here's a picture of the necklace, it came out great and my customer had only good words about it: "I got my necklace today and cant tell you how much it means to me. Its perfect!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It makes my healing easier having a part of my baby so close to my heart. Thank you. You have a gift and I'm so glad i found you."

Two years later, the same customer came back to me to say that her sister had a miscarriage and could I make a similar necklace, this time with the heart on the front and angel wings on the back. Here's the finished piece:

Angel Wings Necklace  Angel Wings Necklace  Memorial Necklace

She said "Ohhh my heart I love it. So glad I found you!"

With Mother's Day fast approaching in the US, it's nice for me to know that there are so many mother's out there wearing their children's hands and footprints close to them.