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Finishes and Fine Silver


There are four types of finishes available. In order to get the black on the pieces - called a patina - I use a chemical called Liver of Sulfur.

Shiny with patinaShiny finish with patina: this gives the prints a blackened look, only the prints and lettering are black, not the whole piece. The shiny finish gives it a classic look.

Shiny no patinaShiny with no patina: this gives the piece an understated look, there is no black on the piece at all.

Matte with patinaMatte finish with patina: this gives the piece a more contemporary look, while still looking understated and the patina makes the prints stand out.

Matte no patinaMatte finish with no patina: a very simple but contemporary, understated look. 








What is fine silver? 

All of my handprint pieces are made from fine silver and all findings (ie, cufflink mechanisms, bracelets, necklace chains etc.) are made from sterling silver.

The difference between fine silver and sterling silver is that fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. Sterling is 92.5% silver with the remaining 7.5% composed of other metals, usually copper.

They look the same, wear and polish the same, but fine silver is more "pure" and is, therefore, more costly and often considered more desirable than sterling. Fine silver also uses recycled silver, so it is eco-friendly too!