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How it works

Once you order a piece of jewelry, I will mail you a kit, which includes a special inkless wipe, archival coated paper and instructions, so that you can take a print of your child’s hand or foot easily.

Take a print of your child's (or pet's) hand and footprint (or paw print) with the inkless wipe kit. There's no mess and the wipes are harmless to children and animals, in fact they're the same wipes that are used at the hospital to take your child's first footprints.

The kit includes:
- One piece of archival quality imprint paper which is treated to capture every fine detail of your child's prints
- One mess-free inkless wipe
- Instructions

If you already have prints, that's great, I can use those too!

Taking a handprint

Once you've got the prints, scan and email them to me at or mail them to me at the address I supply you with when you purchase a piece of jewelry.

This print is then used to make the stamp that will be impressed into the silver. When you send me the print, please let me know if you would like name/date of birth/intials etc engraved on the piece of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry has a different option for personalization, so take a look at each product and then have a chat with me about what you would like.

Take a look at my tips for getting a good print.

Here's a short video of how I make each and every piece of jewelry in my studio.